Thursday, 29 May 2008

Case studies

  • The National work based learning blog has created a set of shared bookmarks which highlights case studies

  • Sally Mcconville a lecturer in nursing at Wolverhampton University has written a short paper entitled " Widening Participation: A Virtual Approach to F.E. Collaboration". I met up Sally & discussed this logical approach of using a VLE with her. It turns out that using the VLE in an attempt to bridge the gap between FE & HE trainee nurses helped both staff & students understand what to expect and how to adjust. Sally has also previously used video clips in her teaching on a VLE to good effect. Sally has really utilised a VLE to it's full and realised the untapped potential of using a VLE to enhance learning and engage across the FE/HE divide.

  • Recognising the difficulties faced by many HE students, Belfast Metropolitan College initiated an innovative project in January 2007 called Think Clever - Work Smart HE Mentoring Project, aimed not just at those experiencing difficulties but at improving the learning experience of all HE students in the FE College. The project is delivered using both e-learning and F2f activities. The students have e-mentoring support in the form of learning mentors who communicate with the students using a blended learning approach including using e-mail, f2f seminars, VOIP (Skype) support sessions on a Sunday evening and SMS which is used in a variety of novel ways.
    The centre for recording achievement has a set of HE case studies here: . Look at their website to find lots more.

  • North Warwickshire & Hinkley College, Burton upon Trent and Bishops Burton Colleges, have all recently opened new HE centres promoting HE ethos in FE.

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