Monday, 29 September 2008

the improvement of student assessment

Recommendations for the improvement of student assessment. QAA - IQER update.

QAA publish their latest reccomendations concerning the improvement of assessment for HE delivery in FE Colleges. This is a result of a series of pilots.

  • improve and make available appropriate, accurate and complete programme and assessment information to current and potential students, for example in programme handbooks or on the college website
  • ensure that information about assessment is appropriate to student needs, and that there is consistency and rigour in the mechanisms for the approval of information
  • ensure that all students receive sufficient, high quality and timely feedback on assessed work in order to improve their performance and facilitate their progression
  • increase opportunities for staff to gain benefit from professional development and scholarly activity in assessment
  • ensure that appropriate monitoring and annual review arrangements are in place to secure consistent application of assessment policies and procedures
  • promote and extend the awareness of the Academic Infrastructure and ensure that it is used appropriately as an external reference point, particularly Sections 4 and 6 relating to external examining and assessment."
Read the full report on line :

No mention of using/ pushing Computer Aided Assessment methods to improve the personalisation, differentiation, efficacy, and engagament of assessment then? The Government's 2003 White Paper 'The Future of Higher Education' highlighted the need for 'more flexibility in courses, to meet the needs of a more diverse student body'.... Read more on the HEFCE website >>

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