Tuesday, 4 November 2008

JISC online

We are at the beginning of the 2008 JISC online conference & I would like to share some nuggets that have come my way:

  • The first is a shameless promotion of how we at RSC WM use the Virtual Learning environment Moodle to run online events:

http://www.viddix.com/watch.php?v=48f45ff45ee7c and download the PPT from my slideshare account

  • A related collaboration with Staffordshire University models of best practice resulted in a set of online models;

Workshops, Conferences, Courses,

  • Have a look at the IntelligentBuilders (NB all one word) channel on Youtube http://uk.youtube.com/user/intelligentbuilders - many videos can be found on the eLearning experience at Oaklands College including on New build, eLearning generally and the award winning eMentors scheme. Or try :

  • The Web 2.0 Projects book contains nearly 60 projects using Web 2.0 tools, organised in age groups.

  • Professor Gilly Salmon gave a live presentation using Elluminate on the subject of forecasting trends in education. Her team @ Leicester will research this and post results in the CALF website. Seven meta trends are:

  1. Users as content producers (web 2.0 principle)
  2. Games as pedagogical tools (hurrah, I loved Halo 3)
  3. Communications between humans and machines
  4. Ubiquitous platforms
  5. 3 dimensions of computing
  6. Collective knowledge generation (another web 2.0 principle)
  7. People connecting via the network

When asked about engaging senior managers at FE colleges, Gilly responded by promoting the use of research based evidence to persuade SMT to change practice. So all of those posts about new research centres should be worthwhile?


angelinjones said...

An online conference offers all of the features of a physical conference – and more. It puts us in touch with colleagues and eminent speakers from the UK and internationally, but offers greater flexibility. We will be able to engage with multimedia presentations in advance and then participate in high calibre debate at times and places convenient to us.
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John said...

Hi Kev,

I have been a supporter of Moodle for a number of years and was glad when my college recently started to promote it is our main VLE. I have always found it to be user friendly and the feedback that I have received from my colleagues seems to agree with this.