Wednesday, 22 July 2009

a student-centered ePortfolio space?

  • Whilst on the topic of eportfolios I have just wandered over to the eportoflio page at Queen Margaret Universitywhich is choc full of case studies and a wealth of supporting resources to help staff and students use eportfolios effectively. This page really exemplifies best practice in terms of support for all users.


Ray Tolley said...

Hi, All,

Yes, I, too, saw the California State University's graphic. But it does not relate well to the state of things in the UK. Most schools, for instance, have a steadily improving VLE which provides much of the structure for assessments. Similarly, reporting to parents is already mandated and some schools are progressing well in this context.

I cannot see the point of embedding an e-Portfolio within an institution's system. Admittedly, when whole states the size of Minnesota or California or San Francisco provide a state-wide system FOC perhaps the UK does have something to learn about a commitment to learning?

Simon Grant said...

I'd say there is an inherent problem in modelling e-portfolios. The whole area is inherently multi-purpose, and can be seen from several distinct perspectives, so it is likely that no easily understandable model will properly fit everyone. This is one of the motives behind my writing my book "Electronic Portfolios: Personal information, personal development and personal values" -
- which has the space to explore the interlinked topics in depth. Read it, you won't be disappointed!

Kathleen Willbanks said...

Hey, that's my poster. Designed it quite a few years ago as a hope and a prayer. The definition at the top is from wikipedia and is very dated. I still think there can be eportfolio benefits for many stakeholders from the students to the faculty and admin . . . even benefits to workforce development (as in Minnesota's model). We are only at the beginning of the ePortfolio curve and it will be fun/painful/exciting to see where things lead.

Paul said...

Thanks for an interesting sampling of links. Always good to roam and read. While not yet as mature as the work you have mentioned we have recently published a discussion paper and have a useful discussion emerging (both at If simple is beneficial for the model, so much more for the tool set itself.