Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Research based eportfolios. Or are they?

Following a link from Twitterfall lead me to the 2009 award pages for the Warwickshire University research based eportfolios. Congrats to all winners, and to Warwickshire Uni for promoting the importance of eportfolios for research.

I was looking forward to some rich threaded engaging accounts of the trials and tribulations of conducting PHd level research. But all I saw was a series of personal static type websites? Now, I'm not claiming that there has been a lot of effort involved in these "eportfolios" but they seemed very, erm, well, clinical? In most apsects they could be construed as a glorified CV, which I spose most people would call an eportfolio? I guess I was looking forward to some rambling narratives peppered with snippets videos and podcasts, gradually unfolding over time - with some rich reflective prose + comments from others. but alas. Then again if you think about how important research is to swelling the coffers of UK Univerisites Ltd, it's a clever marketing exercise in itself?

This also re-opens the debate about just what is an eportfolio ( again), which was swilling around the net a week or so ago - neatly summarised in a couple of blog posts and by Stepehen Downes who has been discussing the International Development of ePortfolio Model created by Helen Barrett (seee image above) and a related Spanish blog post expanding upon the model. It's all pointing to personal learning spaces, or is that personal learning environments? Who knows, and indeed who cares? Can we all just move on a little? Or does someone want to restart the debate about dropping the "e" from elearning.... again :O(

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