Thursday, 14 January 2010

Moodle mootings

RSC WM customised Moodle theme

A few notes and resources for those Moodlers out there in e-learning land.

Firstly you will see from the image above we've been playing around with some themes for our Moodle.  We've (Colleen our IT guru) managed to combine the simplicity of the custom corners theme with the snazzy icon set from the chamelon theme.  Simples!?  So for those of you who want a quick win to pep up you tired looking Moodle, go for a new theme.  Very little "tweeking"  involved.  Dload free themes from

  • I was passed this from our accessibility advisor. An excellent report advising the do’s and don’ts for visual impaired and blind users, for Moodle please keep this in mind when creating style sheets or content

  • And this webinar (2nd half) covers innovate use of Moodle in the South West: link to the recording is on their website here:

  • These links will be added to our Moodle wiki page which hosts many other useful Moodle resources: 

  • Finally.... the next UK Moodle Moot is April 14th - 15th in London . go to for full details. I attended one of thes a few years ago. They're well worth attending to get the lastest Moodley news.

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