Wednesday, 29 October 2008

best practice for HEinFE

I stumbled across a useful report from the West London Lifelong Learning Network (WL LLN) 'tother day. In it a report comments upon the methods utilised to further develop the HE ethos in a FE College. The report recognises the challenges faced with this important agenda, but I did see a reference to the importance of elearning tools in this remit (quote below). So there is some evidence of using elearning tools to ensure differentiation is obtained by exploiting VLEs.

".....and also recognised the importance of VLEs"

This reminds me of another blog posting of mine where I discussed the methods of how the Colchester Institute had used a content management system (Microsoft Sharepoint) to map evidence to the IQER process. My original post on that subject in this here :

To continue this HEinFE best practice, my colleague from the north has collated some best practice links in his blog for all to see :

Do any other Life long learning networks have similar evidence of best practice to share? I'd hope so, but I'm not sure what the rest of the UK is doing. It's all very quiet/fuzzy out there.

While we're on the subject of HEinFE, the Association for learning Technology (ALT) are setting up a specialist interest group for action research. Please contact John Gray (Institute of Education) directly if you are interested in participating or contributing. Alternatively you could always use the existing British Journal of HE in FE to submit research articles?

Continuing this research topic, I stumbled across the journal entitled "Practice and Evidence of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education." This is free & can be accessed online @ URL :

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Chris said...

I was interested to see that Sharepoint had been used in IQER. We have IQER in May and any ideas would be gratefully received. Unfortunately access to the link is blocked - is there any other way I can find out more?