Tuesday, 10 November 2009

eportfolio book review

Electronic Portfolios: Personal Information, Personal Development and Personal Values.
Electronic Portfolios: Personal Information, Personal Development and Personal Values.

This book was written by Simon Grant of JISC CETIS fame, covers all things eportfolio.  It’s a very easy book to digest for senior managers, and practitioners alike who need to know, “just what is an eportfolio, and why and what would we need it for”? Dip into the bits you need and pass it onto others.
The book begins with an overview of current thinking; by identify 4 primary areas of use;

Ref: http://wiki.rscwmsystems.org.uk/index.php/Eportfolios  (see BECTA video which also explains these areas – link on above page).
Simon then complements the above areas of eportfolio “use” with 3 primary principles, namely;

1. Purpose – usually very specific (assessment, reflection, CPD, PDP, etc);

2.    Information – personalised – which is the underlying message of the book. The eportfolio owner chooses to share the contents with whomever and whenever they choose;

3.    Functionality – what bells and whistles can the platforms offer? Or indeed what kind of learning approach is afforded by its interface + feature set.

Simon argues that if we remove any of these 3 pillars, our ability to understand eportfolio based learning and try and implement or support it becomes implausible. 

The book is fronted by a chapter on typical scenarios which help to contextualise all of the possible uses of an eportfolio that are currently being implemented in academic, work, and professional (CPD) areas.  These scenarios help to set the scene and guide readers through this daunting subject area. 

The book does not purport to give you the answer to which platform to choose, but it does give a well thought out set of guides, underlying principles, and current practice, that will help inform all interested stakeholders.
See also:

  • ‘Study on the role of e-portfolios in formative and summative assessment practices’ by a team led by the Centre of Recording Achievement, is now available from: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/elearning/eportfolios/studyontheroleofeportfolios.aspx

(this paper explores the use of ePortfolio tools to support teaching, learning and the personal and professional development of postgraduate students at the Institute of Education (IOE). The needs of tutors and students are considered alongside the affordances and limitations of specific tools in relation to these needs.)


Ray Tolley said...
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Ray Tolley said...

Yes, I concur, I wrote a couple of brief comments earlier this year:

ethics or common sense?4 Aug 2009 by Ray Tolley
for those wanting to further consider the ethics of ict and in particular relation to e-portfolios, i thoroughly commend simon grant's book, "electronic portfolios: personal information, personal development and personal values".
efolio in the UK - http://efoliointheuk.blogspot.com/2009/08/ethics-or-common-sense.html

What is Reflection?18 Jul 2009 by Ray Tolley
Simon Grant in his book 'Electronic Portfolios' provides a good definition in his Glossary: "Reflection could be simply defined as the bringing to mind of some past experience or event, with the intention or the result of learning ...
eFolio in the UK - http://efoliointheuk.blogspot.com/2009/07/what-is-reflection.html

Ray T

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