Thursday, 15 October 2009

eportfolio evaluation survey

A two year exercise evaluating eportfolios have produced a report (see below).  It makes for interesting results in terms of  Mahara & PebblePad as equals.

"Mahara and PebblePad represent the most balanced
products, which can be used for portfolio work without
huge time expenditure for installation. Both systems
require some acclimatization effort but – once their logic
is clear – they are easy to handle."

Also, I think the other interesting fact is that the traditional blogging platforms; Wordpress, elgg,and moveable type, each come out quite favourably compared to the platforms specifically built for eportfolio type activities (e.g. Exabis). See original website (German)

"In the opinion of the authors, there turn out to be three
groups in regard to the criteria of supporting portfolio
processes. PebblePad, Mahara and Taskstream represent a
top-quality trio with a high assessment; they show
weaknesses in only very few categories. These three
products have especially been developed as E-Portfolio
software and, according to our evaluation, they really
meet the requirements."


Colin said...
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Colin said...

Whilst PebblePad came out well in this evaluation I do wonder about the level of detail the research went into. For example there are ratings about the admin features but the account provided to the researchers did not have admin access (and clarification of admin facilities were not sought) and so it's difficult to see how these could be properly evaluated.

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