Monday, 12 October 2009

webinar protocols

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Just stumbled across a neat set of webinar (live wecasting) protocols from our local Institute for Learning Enhancement

These echo the protocols we've developed and shared on our synchronous webcasting tools wiki page, for all to use.

  1. Any presentation needs to be short – 10 minutes – focused with clear points for consideration set up at the beginning so that you are listening with a purpose.
  2. If you want to present for longer then there needs to be gaps between major talking points.
  3. Twitter type text needs to be set up so that it is about the presentation and not whether it is sunny.
  4. If there are breaks between key points then when the new point begins the text messaging is relevant to the new point.
  5. There should be a facilitator who can summarise points and act as a conduit between the presenter and listeners.
  6. Animation does not translate to the conference therefore powerpoint slides need to take this into consideration.
  7. Slides should not be too text based and should enhance the presentation not provide subtitles to it.
  8. The conference should have a ‘master of ceremonies’ who calls the conference to order, introduces the speaker and makes sure that communication is as effective as possible.
  9. Each presenter could have a blog set up for further discussion – the posts being the key points in their presentation.
  10. With large audiences keep the conference for transmission with online follow up rather than expecting large numbers to contribute.
  11. When taking part in a conference, either as organiser or participant, enlist a colleague to maintain a check on twitter-type chat and conversations to note key points of use and/or interest.
See protocols in original JISC blog 

See also this useful paper evaluating web conferencing systems (using the new Apture widget builder gizmo - simples)

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