Thursday, 22 October 2009

we have an issuu

Today I was experimenting with a free online publishing tool - issuu. It's was a (free) snip to sign up. I uploaded a Word 2003 doc ( no *.docx allowed!) and chose a few options , added keyword searches and voila- an online "e-zine" in literally minutes. The only others I've bookmarked are YUDUblurb, do you know of any similar?  I've been aware of these tools for a while, but not really tried any, until today.


Anonymous said...

Do you know about ? nice one too !

mhawksey said...

Haven't had a close look at it but along similar lines is

This site allows you to create ebooks which you can resell as published paper copies.

London South Bank University were getting photography students to create albums of their work as part of an assignment (a nice xmas gift for the folks)