Tuesday, 2 February 2010

trendy tools of 2010

Tools of 2010

This is my second posting covering last weeks Learning Technologies conference. The biggest UK conf' for e-learning types to sell their wares, and prospective customers to zoom around obtaining intial ideas of what's hot or interesting, in the middle of the deepest recession in our time!

 This posting covers some of the tools we can use to improve distance learning/training. Whether they are platforms, authoring tools, or content.  There's something here for all. I either visited these stands or watched presentations. So on with the show.  Before I move on, the training zone have an excellent video that also does this, well worth a look. And I'm glad to see Clive Shepherd (elearningnetwork.org) thinks that 2010 will be the year for webinars, whether DimDim, Webex, or Elluminate, they offer VFM.  and let's not forget the micro chunking of learning into mini courses.  Elliot Masie also advocates this trend. I also bumped into Rob Hubbard who has created the most excellent Rapid elearning Development course (RED) - take a look, then sign up - it's bang on the quality rapid e-learning agenda.


I recently created a mind map covering some of these tools on offer - see below - click on the links in the map to visit the websites.

Authoring (rapid is the buzz word)

See also Brighton's Brightwave for their useful case studies on rapid elearning tools, and so do Kineo - check out their rapid e-learning page.


  • Don't forget I have a wiki page entirely dedicated to the use of video in education. Case studies and technical aspects  are all covered in some depth. Please  take a look

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