Wednesday, 17 February 2010

video toolz

Just been trying out two new tools to generate screencasts and; video interviews. Both free web based tools - no need to install. Just register and go.

The first I had a play with is .  Free & simple to use.  An alternative is - also free, but needs a twitter account to sign up with!

My screentoasted effort was upload to Youtube, which took about 45 mins!  That allows you to share it & use an embed code to add it to a VLE or a blog. N.B. Screentoaster needs a JAVA VM install , and id not work with Google Chrome?

The second tool I experimented with is, this allows you to record/interview someone, live! Use a webcam + headset.  The results are very good.  You could use it for assessing learning, discussions, recording ideas & conversations.  An alternative to Skype, as it requires no dload of softwarezz.

The Vid below is a quick test we conducted in the office. Much fun.  I used a farily expensive Logitech webcam, but it's quality is overshadowed by Jane's inbuilt webcam on her Apple mac book thingy.  So, you could interview someone & post the conversation on a blog like this :OD.  Simples.  We love Web 2.0

Find more of these types of tools on my rapid e-learning wiki page:

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