Wednesday, 8 April 2009

get Teaching Inclusively

JISC ( ) have published details of the recently created online modules to aid and improve inclusive teaching. The 5 modules were created by various experts (including me :OD ) that cover the following areas;

  • Preparing Your Learning;
  • Delivering Learning (Lecture/ Classroom);
  • Delivering Learning (Practical/ Fieldwork/ Placement);
  • Delivering Learning (Online); and
  • Assessing Learning.

They were created for academics to use and re-purpose for their needs. So get downloading and add or remove information to suit your needs. Each separate module was created using the new online version of Xerte (a learning packge design tool), it was very simple to use and being web based, meant that we could collaborate easily on amendments. An alternative would be eXe. Both create SCORM compliant "objects" than can be easily dropped into any VLE. And both are entirely free. eXe can also run from a portable flash drive, i.e. no messy installtion on your PC.

You should be able to see all of the material at

You can export the files you worked on to mount on your own site if you wish – simply go back into the Xerte Toolkits folder that you worked on, and for each of the 5 items click on Properties and then Export, choosing either a Zip file or SCORM bundle which will then be downloaded to your PC, for you to do as you please with – you need to link to the index file for it to run in a browser. If you need any help just contact the Techdis helpdesk.


Russ said...

I've had problems using eXe quizzes within Moodle in a classroom situation, and this has put me off using it. I'm still struggling to find a good method of auto-marking quizzes - hot potatoes is ok but frustrating to use sometimes.

Charles said...

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