Monday, 6 April 2009

Multiple Intelligences in 3D

Derby University have their VLE linked to SL academic writing area

I have created a webquest to introduce educators to the principle of Howard Gardners Multiple Intelligences and also as an introduction to Second Life.

Feel free to download the exemplar webquest and repurpose it.

This is also a pre-conference activity for our HE in FE conference on May 13th :

HE conference in partnership with the Academy : playing with learning 2. May 13th. Book your place now:


• Dr Colin Beard & Professor Alan Mortiboys discuss emotional intelligences
• Kirsten Hardie – Problem based learning
• Kim Jackson & Gary Hargreaves
'The Art of Communication with Digital Natives
• Julie Hughes & Kevin Brace
‘The Trojan Mouse’ – hands on workshops covering blogs and wikis for collaboration and reflection.
• Darren Bourne
'Playing with Learning - the opportunity to learn powerful questioning techniques. NLP techniques employed.

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