Monday, 20 April 2009

Myguide & thinkfree

Just got wind of this fab new online course from the regular DIUS newsletter I subscribe to.

Myguide is a free, ‘brilliantly simple’ and motivational introduction to computer and Internet skills. An 'open use' tool, it can be used by individuals and by any organisation, including FE colleges, training providers and adult learning providers. People can learn alone and at their own pace or as part of a formal course, getting help with emails, the internet, ‘e-safety’, online shopping and online public services. myguide is designed to help novices and those who are excluded from the benefits of digital technologies, including disadvantaged groups.

p.s. Back issues of the FE and Skills e-Newsletter are available on the DIUS website.

While we are on a freebie topic, thinkfree the online office application has added some more features to an already impressive line up. Including Google account sign in, pdf export, and an offline synchronisation tool. How many more reasons do you need to dump the bloatware of MS office? Documents, spreadsheets, and and presentation tools are all included as standard.

Start working freely online here :

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