Wednesday, 21 April 2010

distance nursing

At last, a positive report on a real success story of how distance learning can really make a difference to education. Lead by the UK's most experienced distance learning organisation.  Take note all - distance learning actually works if well designed (using synchronous + asynchronous modes) and very well supported.

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"...The quality and consistency of support provided on distance-learning programmes is crucial to minimise dropout rates. On the OU nursing course, students are assigned a tutor for each module they take, while another supports individual students throughout their four-year period of study. OU-trained personal mentors, typically a registered nurse, support and assess students in the workplace.

"The workbooks direct your learning, but you got a tutorial every month by video link. We also met our tutor face-to-face once a month with the rest of the group," says O'May. "There were also phone tutorials, emails and online forums. It worked fantastically well."
From 2012, the OU will offer nursing degrees as part of the government's policy to make nursing training degree-standard. But entry criteria will remain the same so that healthcare workers seconded by their employers are still able to study for the degree."

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JaneBr said...

Hi Kev
What the article omits to say is that many of the OU courses were actually written for the Royal College of Nursing and are now part of the OU portfolio. As an author of many of these RCN courses I'd just like to jump on the bandwagon for any good publicity! I can vouch for the good support that the RCN distance/open learning always delivered: this was integral to the design even before elearning hit the scene. Now they are in partnership with the OU I'm sure this has a great future.