Monday, 26 April 2010

irubric & rcampus

After trawling through another of my regular Google Alerts on e-portfolios this link caught my eye.  It began as an interesting link to a web based tool to create a set of rubrics for assessing e-portoflios: called irubric . Very neat idea, for those just embarking on the use of assessed e-portfolios.  And for those (like me) who are not exactly sure what a rubric is :
 rubric is a scoring tool that's generally used for subjective and authentic assessments. In subjective assessments, rubrics help create a certain level of objectivity. As a result, learners are more clear about the expectations prior to assessment and are clear about their areas of weakness and strength after the assessment. In authentic assessments (which are usually subjective), rubrics help educators communicate and assess levels of performance.

Moving on to Rcampus - from the above irubric pages, I noted that they host e-portfolios and courses (like a VLE) all for free :OD - why pay more?   Looks V good (at first glance)  For more info watch the vid : 


Emma said...

Shame that the rubric linked to at the moment uses it's where it meant its. ..

I like the idea of rubrics - though sometimes they can make it a little bit difficult to give credit where the student has clearly done some 'extra' work - which you do want to credit; but can't quite find the right space.
I therefore like those that have the ability to add (or remove) a few marks for "academic judgement". Some rubrics I've seen allow for this & others don't.

As to the free hosting; I've always been a bit wary of anthing that's freely hosted - in terms of guarantee of future access. The recent changes to Ning have highlighted this.

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