Friday, 9 April 2010

E-Portfolio Watch

An eportfolio offers a rich reflective tutor/student feedback loop, which promotes effective learning. The e-portfolio continues to grab the attention of many academics in HE, FE, and Work Based Learning (WBL).  Our recent webinar on WBL1, which we ran with Stanford University covers this use of eportoflios in some depth. Their  community of practice offers a wealth of useful resources2.  Complimenting an existing VLE with an individual learning plan3 (ILP), or adding a link from VLE course to a personal e-portoflio (Mahoodle4), are now being recognised as effective practice.  Susi Peacock’s e-portfolio page5 at Queen Margarets University, reinforces the need to plan, pilot, and offer a contuining suite of support mechanisms to all stakeholders. This level of support will help to ensure a healthy adoption of e-portfolios.   E-portfolios offer efficient communication channels personalised to the learner needs, that no other “platform” has managed to crack. JISC continues to update the online infokit6 on effective practice with e-portfolios, by adding new case studies. See also our comprehensive wiki page on the subject7.

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