Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Eduserv Adobe Master CLP Agreement

Eduserv Adobe Master CLP Agreement

Eduserv is pleased to announce a new Adobe Master CLP (Contractual Licensing Programme) Chest Agreement. This allows all Higher and Further Education establishments to purchase from the Adobe Academic CLP Agreement at the highest level of discount (Tier 3) regardless of their spend under the agreement.

Adobe CLP is a scheme that allows Institutions to purchase perpetual licences and optional maintenance at discounted rates. A standard CLP scheme offers three tiers of discount depending on spend and until now, achieving Tier 3 has required institutes to purchase 50,000 points of product per annum, equating to over 300 copies of Adobe Acrobat Pro or 112 copies of Adobe Creative Suite 4.0 Standard Editions yearly.

Under the Eduserv Adobe Master CLP Agreement, all sites can benefit from Tier 3 discount regardless of their size.

Some smaller institutions (particularly in FE) have struggled to reach the minimum initial order level for the CLP scheme of 6,000 points and had to rely on the less generous discounts of the TLP scheme or even academic boxed product. However under the Eduserv Adobe Master CLP Agreement there is no minimum initial order. Please see below for a comparison of the typical pricing differences:

Pricing Example:

Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection 4.0 (non-concurrent)



Percentage Saving

Eduserv Adobe Master CLP Agreement

(NB: the exact cost will depend on your chosen reseller)


CLP Tier 2 Typical Cost



CLP Tier 1 Typical Cost



TLP Tier T Typical Cost



TLP Tier S Typical Cost



TLP Tier R Typical Cost



Academic Box Product



Sites may join the Eduserv Master CLP Agreement immediately - you don't have to wait for your existing agreement to terminate. The cost of joining the agreement is £250 per annum or £450 for both years.

Eduserv would particularly like to thank the UCISA Software Procurement Group for their assistance in negotiations with Adobe; an excellent demonstration of how the Community working together can facilitate changes with key vendors.

For further details and to sign up:

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