Tuesday, 26 May 2009

end of services

I've just picked up this email from JANET. It spells out the end of the JANET talk (VOIP) pilot to UK educators. I just need to clarify one point. JANET TXT service is still alive and very much kicking.

Read more:

" We have now made the decision not to take JANET Talk beyond its trial
phase. As the previous email pointed out we received feedback from JANET
Talk users and administrators, and also conducted a separate market
research exercise. All of the information gathered indicated strongly
that JANET Talk was not a suitable solution to meet the collaboration
needs of the JANET community. The main facts behind this lack of
appetite are:

* JANET Sites are now able to manage / allow peer to peer applications

* The commercial market has made significant advances since the JANET
Talk concept was realised, JANET(UK) is not in a position to compete
with the amount of zero cost alternative collaboration solutions

* The JANET Talk solution has significant usability issues

We are proposing to end the trial on the 29th May. Although we initially
set up the trial to run August 2008 to August 2009 in the light of the
feedback received and the lack of usage of the equipment it seems
relevant to end things early."

JUMPCUT - also dies

I also recently caught wind of the termination of another online technology. Namey JUMPCUT (masing up videos online). This service (owned by Yahoo) is wrapping up. It just goes to show, how careful you must be when relying on "free" Web2.0 services, as they can be quite easily pulled. The same thing happened to Google Pages ( now Google sites) and the Google Lively MUVE. And also many others - read the comment from Paul Jinks >>>>


pauljinks said...


You might be amused to see this visual representation of the demise of web2.0 companies since 2006. It would be interesting to learn how many are turning a profit: facebook is said to be losing $20m per month and twitter's main investor still doesn't have a plan for making money from it.

andy black said...

This is janet talk voip type solution not janettxt there SMS offerring surely please confirm.

kev brace said...


JANET TXT is live and kicking.

Like the chart Paul, U had the roiginal pionned on my wall for a year or so.

I'll have to update it with the new trail of dead ones.

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