Thursday, 21 May 2009

Open Source is a winner :O)

Congratulations are to RSC Scotland NE who have won a prestgious IMS global award for their Access apps suite of tools to aiist accessibility initiatives. This is part of the new edu apps range of tools aimed at teachers & students. All three groups of software can be download and run from a standard memory stick. I had a go woth the CORE version of the Teacher apps last week, and they ran a treat. Read about the award & download the apps, from their home page :

Also our local Worester College of Technology also won an award for their Moodle plug-in caled MR CUTE. This essentially adds a learning object repository to any Moodle. Find out more about MR CUTE here:

  • Yesterday we ran a live presentation covering the basics of learning object repositories by Mahendra Mahay. Watch a recording of this interesting presentation online here:

And finally, you can access the latest version of the OpenDisc projects CD choc full of open source softwarez:

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