Wednesday, 20 May 2009

latest eportfolio gubbins

A recording (May 09) of a webcast that Julie Hughes gave for our online conference. Please watch the presentation entitled


Access the pdf presentation Julie ran through here:


And our information officer has just post a new case study in the excellence gateway covering how South Birmingham College have used individual learning plans in their Moodle. Read it here:

And I've just stumled across this little nuggett about ....

"Every student has access to a personalised online eportfolio over the
internet for home work and assignments, along with other tools such as
forums, resources, calendars, results and notes from teachers."

A very timely announcement in the light of the discussion going on at

which is a group similar to our online CoP:

find more about eportfolios in my wiki here

and... don't forget last month I also interviewed Emma Purnell about imnplementing eportoflios as a podcast.

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