Wednesday, 13 August 2008

DimDim ups the features :o)

Define : Live webcasting

In my old blog I discussed the new'ish browser based webcasting tool called DimDim. Since then We've evaluated it extensively both as the Moodle plug-in and as the standalone browser version. It's been very good to use, apart from the desktop sharing feature, which causes everything to sloooooooooooooww down or even crash the session – they may have fixed that issue now in these latest release of upgrades. Overall it's been one of the most stable and easy to use webcasting tools I've used. In my old post I compared it to others, and more recently, I compare it to a couple of newer webcasting tools. Did I mention it's free.

As a result of all this testing we've put together a handy list of user protocols you may find useful when using webcasting tools.

As a beta tester I just received an update on the latest slew of features offered;

  • Multiple Presenters (Host lets others share)
  • Recording and playback of meetings
  • Share Mics (Built in VoIP & teleconferencing)
  • Secure (Private meetings)

I also just stumbled across another blog today that reviews some of the other (Web2.0) webcasting tools (tokbox, stikam, 12second tv) on the market. It makes for interesting reading

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