Friday, 15 August 2008


Register for a free wiki - plus the chance to win excellent resources for the classroom.

Free wiki type solutions include ;

  2. or you could collaborate online easily with Google docs
  3. or use media wiki as a College or departmental knowledge bank?

A wiki might be perfect for you if…

  • You’re tired of waiting for Brad in IT to help set you up
  • You want to increase student engagement using a safe online wiki
  • You’re tired of complicated solutions that nobody uses
  • You want a no-hassle way to showcase your students’ work online
  • You want to eliminate excuses of lost homework
  • You want a central place for your group to collaborate
  • You want one place to put your files and thoughts so you can access them anywhere
  • You want a partner to share best practices on collaboration

I have a free PB wiki that I’ve been using as a website, it’s full of information concerning, blended learning, eportfolios, use of video and plagiarism control. Access it at URL:

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