Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The future of HE!

Sounds a little scary?? Well not really, I'm referring to is the beginnings of a consultation exercise concerning the future of HE. This consultation will eventually result in a policy framework for the next 10 -15 years. The main bullets points, below (and many others to be debated) are prescient areas under review that we can debate on their new blog or mine by simply adding a comment : http://hedebate.jiscinvolve.org/ .

Some issues under debate include;

  • What will demographic changes mean for the shape and nature of HE?
  • How are higher education institutions currently responding to student expectations?
  • How should HE respond to the fact that adults, often studying part-time will make up an ever-increasing proportion of the home student population?
  • How can the interaction between academia and public policy makers be improved?
  • How do we anticipate the international market for higher education will change over the next 10-15 years? -

    I like this on, as we already know that China and India are knocking at the door of UK HEI PLC and are set to compete head to head in the not too distant future. And of course the USA Ivy League Uni's are paying UK students handsomely to study in the USofA. Wake up UK HEI to the potential of distance (e)learning, using VLEs – before it's too late.

  • How attractive are research careers to graduates, and what can be done to enhance this?

This foray into a kind of viral marketing is new to the DIUS, so we can help them to get their messages out by taking part in the debate this blog or the JISC one above. If you require more advice on this new initiative contact: Vincent McGovern | Stakeholder Community Manager
Dept. for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS)

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